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 welder machine for aluminium welding robotic process, MIG or TIG

normal_post Autor Thema:  welder machine for aluminium welding robotic process, MIG or TIG  (Gelesen 1215 mal)

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24. Januar 2008, 11:04:45
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hello everybody,
Does anyone have an experience with aluminium welding process with robots and can recommend any welder for aluminium which has an interface for robots? Have You ever seen TIG welders working with robots and making good joints (welds)? DOes anyone can tell me which welder is better: TIG or MIG? I want to weld joints on 2-4mm width aluminium shapes
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26. Januar 2008, 12:39:13
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looks like MIG could be sufficient for this application (if high welding quality is required TIG can be used as well). Take care on the jigging and the choice of filler metall, concerning machines: there is plenty around (both MIG and TIG), apparently all bigger producers supply an automation interface.
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