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[offen] Topology problem after deploy

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26. Dezember 2018, 19:23:58
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Hello guys... and first - merry Christmas :)
I’m starting a project with 2 krc4 controllers, and want to join theese into a single project. When I in the online mode from Workvisual create a cell with both robots inside,  i then browse for creating the “configuration” project. Here I see both controllers now and can upload them... but it seems that there’s some thing that’s not uploaded correct, when deploying the project again (no changes made) I get a lot of faults - seems like the topology for the ethercat is broken, I get errors on almost everything - devices that can’t be found and so on.

Very strange since I only uploaded and then deployed... if I revert the project again, it’s up and running - just can’t deploy from WV - which should be working....
any clues what’s wrong Here?

When opening the “topology” page where I can see the motors connected to the motor modules and so on, seems like the ether at topology isn’t drawn - but I don’t know if it should be that or?

I’m using software 8.5.6 and newest WV
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