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Autor Thema: [offen] FANUCA RoboGuide and ProfiBus problem  (Gelesen 1003 mal)

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[offen] FANUCA RoboGuide and ProfiBus problem
« am: 27. November 2016, 21:41:26 »
Hi all!

If I recall correctly, I had complained in this forum about ProfiBus configuration screens not working in RoboGuide few months ago.

Basically, if I create a new cell, or create a cell from a backup, the two ProfiBus screens didn't apear in the I/O and SETUP menus. ProfiBus variables are there, racks, and everything else. But as the screens (and the menu entries associated with it) didn't appear, so I can't check ProfiBus configs.

At that time, I was thinking the problem was my specific version (V8 RevE).

But recently, I've noticed the same problems with a newer version (V8 RevK).

But... this problem occur with FRVRC version 7.70 and below. With FRVRC 8.30, I have all the menus.

Someone else saw this happening?
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